Natural Stones Treatment to Keep Them Clean and Shiny
Natural Stones Treatment to Keep Them Clean and Shiny

The use of natural stones such as granite and marble in homes is in great demand, as they can make the house seem more luxurious, the textures and patterns exposed are generally stunning too. Usually, the use of natural stone in the house can be found either as flooring, accents on walls, dining tables top, kitchen tables top, or other furniture.

Of course, when using a natural stone at home, we want the natural stone to remain as durable and shiny as before. But what if the natural stone is applied to areas that often come into direct contact with stubborn dirt with a fairly high level of imprinting colors, such as coffee, turmeric, wine, and others? Maybe we'll just wipe it down or clean it up. But, what if it turns out that the stubborn stain has been absorbed into the surface and still leaves a mark even though it has been cleaned as hard as possible?

Well, problems like the above are the most common problems we encountered as natural stone owners, and we need to know that the handling of natural stone is not the same as the handling of ceramic surfaces, they require special treatment so that the natural stone can be durable and the color doesn't fade out. If it isn't handled with a special treatment, then the surface of your natural stone will be very vulnerable to several problems as below.


dull stains that imprint on the surface, usually caused by acidic liquids. If the surface of the natural stone gets etched, it can only be removed by polishing the marble.


yellow stains that imprint on the white or cream surfaces. Yellowing stains can be cleaned only by deep cleaning or full service polishing on the natural stone surface.


small holes on the surface which caused by the frequent exposure of the surface to large amounts of water or due to inappropriate cleaning fluids and or frequent exposure to acidic salt liquids.

Water rings

water spots are small to large spots on natural stone caused by the surface of natural stone in constant contact with liquids containing calcium and magnesium

Then how to properly handle natural stone surfaces?

If we do research on the right way to deal with natural stone surfaces, there will certainly be various ways. However, if we are offered a method or product that can protect the surface with less or no hassle at all, then why not?

In this article, let's get acquainted with natural stone treatment products from Reflecto, namely The Spotless Family. It consists of 3 products, such as:

Stain shield

a liquid coating that protects the surface of natural stone from stains and dirt by entering (filling) into the surface pores and making the surface hydrophobic (water repellent).

Floor care

an antiseptic liquid for floor daily cleaning. With a lavender scent that helps ward off mosquitoes.

Instant stain remover

an environmentally friendly cleaning spray formulated with a high pH solution, making the surface looks immaculate. Effectively removes stubborn stains such as oil, dirt, and dust with just a few sprays.

So, now that you know about our Spotless Family series, you can now be hassle-free while cleaning or maintaining your natural stone. As it is then our natural stone treatment products that will further protect your natural stone so that it remains durable, shining, and long-lasting.


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