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Where can I purchase leakfree, leakfree pro, and coolroof?

currently from our official online store at tokopediashopee, and blibli.

you can also buy it directly from us, via WhatsApp chat.

How do I purchase or buy terrazzo slabs?

Here’s the process of purchasing terrazzo slabs from us:

  • Browse our catalog
  • Contact us via WhatsApp or fill out the form on our website
  • Choose the motif, color, size, finishing, etc that you’d like
  • Processing your order
  • Shipment to you
What's the difference between leakfree, leakfree pro, and coolroof?

leakfree = waterproofing coating paint with the ability to stretch up to 800%

leakfree pro = waterproofing coating paint with the ability to stretch up to 800% + heatproofing with nano ceramic coating

coolroof = heatproofing with nano ceramic coating

What is Self Cleaning technology?

Most walls and roofs rarely use white as their color. Because the color white is easily stained, hard to clean, and hard to maintain. With self cleaning technology, waterspot, dirt, and dust in your wall, roof, spandek, and dak will not stick. Interestingly, rain water actually plays a huge part in cleaning out those nasty stains.

How do waterproof and heatproof work on Reflecto products?

Waterproof + heatproof products by Reflecto are made with water-based materials and tough polyurethane to prevent water leakage from the roof, prevent cracks in the walls, and serve as a superior primer. Their heat insulating properties will reduce changes of temperature and extend the lifetime of the product. Cracks happen because of drastic changes in weather. Hot weather expands your media's pores, and cold or rainy weather stops the pores from shrinking back to its original state. This is where our waterproofing product with extreme 800% stretchability keeps your walls protected.

The white ceramic color in Leakfree Pro contains the best SRI (Solar Reflectance Index), which is a measure of solar reflectance and emissivity which is used as an indirect material when solar radiation rises to the surface, so it can reduce the internal temperature of the structure. Generally, white color has a maximum of 100 SRI, but our products are proven with lab tests to have 114.48 SRI.

How can Reflecto paint prevent cracks in walls?
  • In general, hairline cracks occur during rainy seasons. Walls’ temperatures can reach up to 60℃ by having the sunlight incident on its surface alone, but when rain starts to suddenly pour, there will be a drastic decrease of walls’ surface temperatures to 30℃ or less. The thermal shock due to this extreme drop can cause the walls to expand, resulting in ugly cracks, which are the source of leakages.
  • With Leakfree Pro by Reflecto, its thermal resistivity can keep temperatures during hot weather from rising significantly, resulting in no drastic drop in temperatures. This new heatproofing system from Leakfree pro serves as another prevention to leakages. Though the Leakfree variant has super stretchability of 800%, the pro series take the technology up a notch
Why is it recommended to buy a full set of paint products by Reflecto ?

Full set:

Primer, Leakfree/LeakfreePro, Topcoat

Adhesives in our Leakfree products are mixed with the paint itself with other components, meanwhile Primer is pure adhesive, because of its purity, it has a much stronger adhesion power, this fastens your waterproofing/heatproofing coating to last up to 15 years.

Keep in mind that you don't have to buy them in set, but Leakfree’s lifetime will reduce considerably to around 5 - 10 years.

Is it true that by using a waterproofing + heatproof/coolroof product by Reflecto, the room can reach a temperature of 22℃, and doesn't require an AC unit anymore ?

Our product is not a conventional active cooler, and is not a replacement for air conditioners (AC). However, they have the ability to reflect UV, IR, and heat from the sun to reduce the room temperature.

Simulation Example:

Temperature during the day without AC:

- Room with Reflecto: 39℃

- Room without Reflecto: 33℃

The amount of AC required to reach 22℃:

- Room with Reflecto : 4 PK

- Room without Reflecto: 2 PK

This leads to lower use of electricity and helps reduce carbon footprint, and thus making Reflecto an environmental friendly product.

Explain under what conditions the waterproofing + heatproof product by Reflecto can reduce the temperature by 9℃?

Comparisons of using Leakfree Pro by Reflecto and without Leakfree Pro will result in obvious differences, however the underlying material below the paint matters as well.

In general, temperatures in iron/zinc roof buildings can drop by 9℃, concrete dak roofs can drop by 7℃, and ceramic/asbestos tiles can drop by 5℃when the weather is flaring hot.

The house’s design plays a part in reduction of temperatures as well, number of walls that face west, number of glasses, and thickness of the walls are significant factors that affect temperatures.

Coolroof and leakfree pro by Reflecto claims that they have heat insulating properties. What makes them different from other brands?

The U-Value (the rate of transfer of heat through a structure) of Reflecto reaches U = 0.0019W / m2.K, or the same as Polyurethane with a thickness of 4cm with a density of 35kg / m³. This result is obtained by measuring the amount of incoming solar energy and then making a comparison.

When compared to Glass Wool, check this video: https://youtu.be/oidZnMezNxU

Vs Glass Wool, check this video: https://youtu.be/KePKjcYe7aM

Installing our products will not hinder or stop activities

Reflecto products have the advantage of being able to reflect UV and reduce heat from the sun, how does it work? (Especially waterproofing + heatproof & cool roof product).

Products by Reflecto can reflect infrared and UV effectively by over 90% (proven by lab tests).

How to properly apply leakfree/leakfree pro/coolroof by Reflecto?

Clean surfaces from dirt, mildew, and dust. Use clean water and detergent.

Wait for it to dry.

Before applying the first layer, prioritize the corners, grout, and floor drain. Since these areas are more prone to cracks and leaks, apply in thicker amounts. Use fiber for the floor drain.

Pad the first coat, then evenly apply 2-3 coats of leakfree. With a minimum thickness of 1 kg/m². Spend according to the scatter power instructions and wait for each layer to dry for about 40 - 60 minutes. Repeat for the second layer and so on.

When finished, let it dry completely.

Is the maintenance complicated and costly? How to care for them?

Maintenance is very simple,use any type of detergent and clean the spots with a rag, but it is not recommended to use a brush.