Which High Rise Design is Your Fav?
Which High Rise Design is Your Fav?

When we talk about design, this is a vast topic. Where the users of the design have their own taste in aesthetic and beauty of a design. Same thing when it comes to architectural design, there are uncountable amounts of architect around the world, either one who has become part of an architecture association or the one who stands alone in this field. There are also a variety of architectural scope, such as urban design, landscape design, interior design, green building design, commercial design, residential design and so on. In each scope as well, they all have their own uniques design style as their characteristic. As in for this time, let us dive in more and take a look on some fascinating high rise design by the globally well known architects.

Here are some high-rise building precedents from several well-known architects, which one is your favourite?

MahaNakhon Tower / Büro Ole Scheeren

A mix-used building located in the center of Bangkok is pixelated and carved shape with stacked surfaces, terraces and protrusions to create a three-dimensional impression of the pixelated pattern that circles over the tower. The design of this building also describes itself as not a tower in insolation but instead a skyscraper that blends with its surroundings, blends between the ground and sky, and connects the building with the surrounding urban area. With a variety of space programs such as a sky bar, restaurant and outdoor bar with 360 degree views floating 314 meters above the city; terraces, floating rooms, and apartments that combine outdoor with indoor; landscaped public plazas serve as new public destinations within the city; retail space with lush gardens and terraces spread across multiple levels for a 24-hour restaurant, cafe and market; single-story and duplex homes each offering a skybox penthouse atmosphere; and also a boutique hotel.

The Toronto Tree Tower / Precht studio

A modular high-rise building with a sustainability design, using natural appearances materials such as woods and plants growing on it’s facade, brings life to the building and also a huge contrast in the city where most buildings are build up by steel, concrete, and glass. The purpose of these buildings is as a benchmark and should be seen as a catalyst for future residential buildings that are ‘more efficient to construct’ and ‘more ecological to our environment’ than common construction methods. Its an 18-story tower with 62m high consist of residentials area, public areas with cafe, children datcare center and workshops for community in the neighbourhood. The tower tries to establish a connection between nature, brings up a ‘building to nature’ relation.

Vanke 3d city / MVRDV

A multi-mass building with 8 blocks stacking on each other, located in Shenzhen, China mainland. It’s a mix-used building with room programs consist of leasable offices, retail space, a restaurant, a hotel, and plentiful outdoor spaces. The eight blocks are designed with a different facade treatment, where four of the blocks have either an indent on one facade or a hole that goes through the entire depth of the block. Each block has semi-public spaces that combine with green spaces on the exposed roofs, creates a rich network of recreational areas. Although the blocks seem to be only stacked and separated, actually they were all linked into a continuous urban fabric high off the ground that makes these towers a true three-dimensional city.

The Corniche / Foster + partners

A mixed-use building with three towers as landmarks. As a mix-used building, it has a variety of space programs that include apartments, affordable homes for seniors, offices, restaurants and bars, gym, swimming pool and spa. The balcony in this building is designed in a curved shape which allows spectacular panoramic views from inside the building. The curved shape is further accentuated by the highly reflective metallic details, designed to catch the sun’s rays.

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