Tiny Architect: Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Architecture and Interior Design.
Tiny Architect: Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Architecture and Interior Design.

Kids have naturally inquisitive minds, they're still neck-deep in the discovery phase, and the world certainly looks different through the eyes of a young child; enormous, intriguing, and somewhat overwhelming, and it has long been believed that what we encounter as children shapes up our perspective of the world.

At this develpment and discovery phase, children needs all sort of guided stimuli and practices that is both fun and informational so that they can better grasp the countless concept they'd meet along the way. Teaching them about architecture and interior design can also taught them valuable lesson that is sure to be useful as they grow up.

Teaching architecture can have these benefits:

Basic 2d and 3d shapes

Playing around with architecture will surely involves shapes and dimension, teaching kids how to decorate their room for example, also teaches them about dimensions, the shapes of the objects and what objects goes with what in their room. This indirect, yet subtle teachings have a deeper impact especially if the children develops a liking and interest towards it.

Colors recognition

Interior design has many of it's aspect lies in colors, from the colors of the walls and floors, to the objects that adorns the room. Learning about these colors and how well they go with each other can prove to be beneficial for children.

Creative mindset

Letting kids experiments with their room's design and layout, from the position of their beds and toys to the colors they like for their walls stimulates their creative thinking, therefore, they'll have better understanding of all things creative.

Architecture can teaches alot about spaces, dimension, colors, and other aspects of creative works. Teaching them to your children can also help them develop their own unique identities and personality, therefore, increases their self confidence. Customizing our own spaces is really fun, but it's even more fun if we start young, isn't it?


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