The Role of Bamboo In The World Of Art and Construction
The Role of Bamboo In The World Of Art and Construction

Bamboo has various benefits for both traditional and modern uses. In the world of construction itself, bamboo is also in great demand because it has a strong structure and high flexural properties. In Indonesia itself, bamboo is widely used as a building material, as well as furniture and home decoration. One of the strengths of bamboo comes from the cavities of the bamboo itself or commonly referred to as bracers. The function of the Bracer on bamboo is to make the elements used as structures lighter and more flexible. Then how far can bamboo material be explored?

Bamboo in construction

In the world of construction, we can generally find bamboo processed into formwork — or as a reinforcement in the process of molding the concrete structures according to their shape and size, house columns — which commonly used in houses or buildings with bamboo construction, the floors — which are usually arranged into a strong surface, roof structure — such as trusses, battens and others that form a solid roof structure, ceiling — as a frame as well as a ceiling covering with woven bamboo sheets or bamboo, and many others.

Bamboo in design products

In the world of product design, bamboo is also widely used both as a wicker and as a structure for furniture and products. Generally, you will find furniture with bamboo materials such as in tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, doorways, decorations and many others. Furniture or decoration with bamboo material gives a more natural and traditional impression, but following the development of current models, there are also many furniture or decorations that use bamboo as an additional decoration that gives a modern and luxurious impression.

Bamboo architecture

In the architecture, bamboo is widely used as pavilions to buildings. Here are some modern buildings with bamboo in Indonesia. – School of Alfa Omega / RAW Architecture – a school located in the city of Tangerang, a building that uses bamboo as a roof frame, ceiling, floor, and structure. Also uses glass and bricks as an additional material. – Green school bali / IBUKU – a school located in Bali, surrounded by lush nature. The whole buildings uses bamboo as roof truss material, walls, fences, floors and structures. – Casablancka Residence / Budi Pradono – a residence that combines natural bamboo materials with general construction materials. In this house, bamboo material is used as a roof truss structure for the interior of the house and also for the outside lobby area. Gives a touch of nature in the interior of the house.

Advantages of bamboo

There are many reasons why bamboo is in demand and widely used. Some of them are bamboo has a strength equal to or more than concrete in structure, bamboo is also easy to split, cut and shape, bamboo has elastic fibers that can optimize compressive, shear and buckling loads, bamboo is relatively cheaper and environmentally friendly, and has a natural appearance.

Disadvantage of bamboo

Just like any other objects, bamboo also has its own shortfall, such as being quite susceptible to weathering, not resistant to fire, not resistant to air, prone to termites, fungi and other alike, requiring more coating and processing in order to last a long time, in the process of connecting bamboo with bamboo or with other materials require special techniques.

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