The 3 Musketeers You Need for Your Natural Stone’s Longlifeness
The 3 Musketeers You Need for Your Natural Stone’s Longlifeness

Having natural stones like marble stones, terrazzo stones, granite stones, and others more as your interior finishing is indeed an excellent selection to beautify your home. But one of the most general concerns for the natural stone's owner is the maintenance of the stone.

Natural stone is well known for its characteristic of high liquid absorptions which will cause future stains and damage to the surface if not treated promptly. Also, if the surface of your natural stone is treated with the wrong cleaning products, then instead of a clean surface, all you'll get is a damaged surface. And if this happens, then you will end up spending more money on its treatment.

How to have the right treatments for my natural stone?

Treating a natural stone ought to be done from the very beginning. Not only when an accident has happened on the surface. If we surf the internet about ways to treat our natural stones, then there will be a lot of ways. But why hassle searching and applying steps that we are not so sure about?

In Reflecto, we got you the 3 musketeers we all ever needed, called "The Spotless family". They are confirmed as the right products to protect, clean, and maintain your natural stone from the beginning. But how so?

ur Spotless Family products consist of Stain Shield, Instant Stain Remover, and Floorcare. With every specialty such as:

Stain Shield

Protect your natural stone's surfaces from future damage caused by stubborn stains and dirt. With professional strength that penetrates mineral surfaces to make them waterproof.

Instant stain remover

Remove any stains and dirt on the surface of your natural stones with just a few sprays, even turmeric stain! Have your natural stone as good as new!


Maintain the looks and cleanliness of your natural stone daily. With a lavender scent to freshen the room and repel mosquitos. Make your natural stone floor spotless, germless, and buzzless!

"The Spotless Family" products by Reflecto are suitable for any kind of natural stones but work best on our nakedstone's terrazzo and naked concrete. Results may be vary depending on the quality of your surfaces.

So no more hassle and stress in dealing with and or maintaining your natural stone surfaces. Consult with us now and we'll deliver you our best solutions!


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