Save Electricity Bills in Tropical Climate by Designing Your House Like This!
Save Electricity Bills in Tropical Climate by Designing Your House Like This!

When it comes to electricity bills saving it is common that this is a human task. Such as turn off unnecessary lights, turn the water off when it's not in use, fix a leaky faucet, and plenty more ways. But what if it turns out a house could actually help in taking part in saving up electricity bills? If your house is in the under construction or renovation stage, you might want to consider discussing with your architect about applying passive design strategies in it. Here are some of the common passive design strategies that can help ease the electricity bills.

High ceiling house

In general, the housing we've met has a min ceiling height of 2,8 to 3,2m. But have you ever entered a house with a much higher ceiling that acts as a void? or have you ever try standing in the staircase void connecting from level 1 to the upper level of a house? Because a higher ceiling is better for circulating cool air.

Maximize cross ventilation

In a building, cross ventilation is known as a natural method of cooling. Where this system relies on the natural wind to force into the building through any opening, could be an open window, a louver, a gable, or a wall's void. Why does it have to be a "crossed" system? - well, so that there will be an exchange of hot air to fresh air.

More openings

More openings in this context means more windows! The more windows you have in a room means more passage for natural air and natural daylight to enter the room. Plus, if the position of the opening could form cross ventilation for air then voila! You will probably never use AC or fan during the day.

Cantilever as heat buffer

It's true that more opening means more passage for natural daylight, but we do not want "too much" natural daylighting to enter the house as too much heat makes our home feel hot. That is why a cantilever is needed to help prevent extra heat. A cantilever can come in any shape, could be a balcony or a simple external shading.

Then how about a house that is already built? Are there any chances for my house to save up the electricity bills? Well, yes! You might want to check reflecto coolroof. Coolroof by reflecto can reduce room temperature by repelling heat so you can use less AC which leads to less electricity usage. Or if you want more protection to your home, you should consider checking leakfree pro by reflecto, besides the saving energy ability, it also could protect your home from leaking as it has leakproof and heatproof components in it.


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