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it's stretching ability.

Our waterproofing stretches up to 800%. When walls crack, the coating layer doesn't tear, but stretches to prevent water entering the cracks.

comfort & peace of mind.

While others focus on low price but a shorter life time, we focus on providing a much longer life time for a reasonable price. By the end of the 15 years life time. leakfree will be 8 to 12 times cheaper than its competitors.


It has a system lifetime of 15 years. By applying our leakfree system, your precious home will be worry-free from leaks and enjoy reduced your air conditioning usage(pro series) for 15 years.

other benefits:

  • dries quickly
  • doesn't require polyester mesh
  • easy application
  • mold, fungal, and moss proof
  • paint doesn't fade or turn yellowish
  • non toxic
  • and much more

guarantees created for you only.

one price, enjoy the long-term benefits.

maximize leakfree lifetime of minimum 15 years.

By applying our leakfree system, your precious home will get more benefits to maximize leakfree lifetime : Nano penetration technology to absorb through the membrane and permanently seal porous surfaces, Prevents peeling as a result of leaks, Self-cleaning features to prevent mold and fungi, prevents damage caused by UV light, and Anti-scratch features to prevent damage.

1 set for 20 m2, with 3 component:

leakfree body coat, primer and topcoat.

5 years warranty.

As a testament to the long lifetime of our leakfree waterproofing system bundle, we want to ease all your worries with our 5-year promise of quality. Just like how our products stand out from our competitors, so does our priority on comfort. With our 5-year comfort card, have another worry about rain anymore.

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