It All Started From Concrete: Concrete as Decorative Material.
It All Started From Concrete: Concrete as Decorative Material.

Concrete is an unusual choice to decorate with. It is generally used for outdoor constructions such as foundations and floors and rarely poses as an ideal for indoor decorating. However, this adds to its novelty and uniqueness.

Concrete usage is usually subtle, blended with other aspects to create a unique architectural element to any given room rooms. rooms adorned with concrete held a contemporary aesthetic that encapsulates the industrial vibe and gives an urban feel to the room. Mixing textures and materials such as wood, leather, and dark colors; to the grainy neutral hues of concrete, softens the rigid and bare ambiance it tends to create.

Here are some advantages that concrete offers over other conventional materials:

High Strength

Concrete walls are hard to beat when it comes to their strength. They are super durable and offer a higher amount of flexural and compressive strength than regular block walls.

Fire Resistant

Not only that concrete offers high structural strength, but concrete is also rated the safest material when it comes to fire, ensuring minimal damage if your home ever catches fire.

Infinitely Variable and Flexible

Since concrete mainly comes from cement, it can be molded into any shape and used for any kind of purpose. You can use concrete as walls, floors, even furniture, and decorations. This kind of flexibility is rarely found in other materials.

Low maintenance

More and more people are choosing to incorporate concrete in their interiors because it’s a particularly easy material to maintain. In fact, the bulk of the work takes place when you first purchase the item, choosing the finishing and such. It's also easy to clean as long as you're not using abrassive/high acidity cleaner as they will corrode the concrete.

While concrete is certainly an emerging trends and is a bit different than some of this year’s other design trends, its generally a good idea to include it in your design's watchlist. While others are focused on bold patterns and bright, in-your-face colors, concrete is subtler. With current increased interest in interior designs, we can safely assume concrete is here to stay.

Available in a variety of finishes, from smooth to grainy, matte to polish, Nakedconcrete by reflecto offers a variety of styles to choose from. Not only that, spotless family by reflecto will stand guard to clean, maintain, and protect your concrete and other natural stones surfaces.


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