Is Terrazzo Pattern Versatile?
Is Terrazzo Pattern Versatile?

Have you ever walk into a room and spotted a “scattered colorful abstract rock” pattern on the floor or wall or maybe even on the tabletop? Some of you might have and are probably wondering what that pattern is called, well that is called the terrazzo pattern. Terrazzo pattern is regularly made up of mixing chips of marble, glass, or natural stone into a binding of usually cement mixture. In terrazzo, there are lots of variations in colors and the size of its pattern.

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Terazzo pattern in the wall

Commonly terrazzo pattern is found in the floor slab. But terrazzo patterns actually are not just for floors! For interior designers, it is common to design walls with terrazzo patterns as finishing. This pattern can add a touch of elegance or whimsy to a room, and its multi-colored possibilities make it the perfect way to reinforce a color scheme.

Terazzo pattern on the floor

The pattern on the floor can say a lot about a room. In small rooms, a continuous terrazzo floor can open up space so it seems much larger. Colorful terrazzo tiles in a room also give a playful touch and can temporarily hide dirt. When terrazzo meets woods texture it gives a cozy ambiance. Terrazzo can be a mirror of the other material rather than a contradiction.

Terazzo pattern on furniture

Recently, people have used terrazzo patterns all over the place, such as the table top, the shelving finishing, the furniture finishing, the counter top, the kitchen island top, and even on plates or cutlery. As this pattern remains a dominant trend so far, but as many as this pattern can be found, the beauty and uniqueness of this pattern are never enough!

So is the terrazzo pattern versatile?

Guess that we can say it’s a yes! As it can be used in any finishing and it also gives a unique and modern look to your interior. In Reflecto nakedstone you can get a terrazzo flooring with up to 200+ variations in its pattern. And is now accepting orders with a minimum of 3.5 m2.

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