Is It Necessary to Install Window’s Film in The House?
Is It Necessary to Install Window’s Film in The House?

A healthy home is a home with good air and light circulation. And generally, the circulation of light and air that enters the house can be through any artificial openings, such as windows.

When talking about windows in the house, most of them always use transparent glass as their window. It does allow a lot of light to enter the house. But on the other hand, the privacy in the house will also be very visible from the outside. In addition, if the windows in the house are huge, then excessive heat in the house might occur.

Here is why the role of window film in the house is quite important. By installing window film on transparent windows, apart from having better privacy, too much light that causes heat is also reduced. But you don't have to worry about the visibility from inside and or worry about the house being darkened by the window film. Because generally window film has many options for you to choose according to the needs of your home

So is it necessary to install window's film in the house?

Well, the answer depends on you. Do you want to have a comfortable home from excessive heat and also at the same time maintain its privacy?

But if you are still in doubt and considering, then here are some reasons that might make you sure to install window film on your windows.

1. Able to resist the sun's heat.

Did you know, solar radiation consists of:

- Infrared rays (causing heat on the surface of the house)

- Ultraviolet rays (rays that are destructive but not hot)

- Bright light (visible light that enters the house through the opening)

And well, the advantages of window film are, it can reject heat from infrared rays, reject damaging UV rays and minimize excessive light.

2. Save up electricity

By installing window film on the windows of the house, the temperature in the room will be reduced. With a reduced room temperature, the use of electronic devices such as air conditioners during the day will also decrease which leads to a decrease in electricity bills.

3. Increase the safety factor of the house

Having a sense of comfort and security at home is important. And by applying window film on windows, the risk of crime will be reduced. Because in general, window film got this feature where it looks dark from the outside but is still bright from the inside. In addition, a layer of window film is also able to reduce the risk of dangerous broken glass.

After knowing some of the advantages above. Are you still thinking about whether or not to install a window film anytime soon?

Let us also recommend to you a window film with more affordable prices but with the same quality and performance as other leading brands, known as Reflectofilm! Available in 2 series, namely the AX series and the ZERO series. With advantages of rejecting UV and IR up to 100%, and also helps reduce the cost of your home electricity bill by up to 50%*.

Contact us now for consultations, and we are ready to help you choose the window film according to your needs up to the installation process!


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