How to Maintain Cement Cast Floor Crack Free and Last Longer
How to Maintain Cement Cast Floor Crack Free and Last Longer

Nowadays, house with minimalist and industrial concept prefers cement cast flooring for efficiency, affordability and durability. However, this type of flooring sometimes does not appear attractive, can be easily stained, scratched, cracked and many more problems if not casted properly.

Not only easier to clean, it’s also resistant to mould and mildew if installed properly. However, although the choice of flooring is suitable, the process of construction must be done correctly and carefully.

Tips for keeping cement cast floor crack free and last long

Here’s a few tips by Reflecto to fabricate the perfect cement finish look floor peeling.

1.Super flat and crackless base floor

A tiny bump will create huge problems in the future, and a single crack will become worse as time goes.

2.Pick the best cement with certified quality.

3.Casted with a very strong bonding agent.

This helps the different concrete layers to behave like a single unit. Strength of the bonding ageng should be above 2.5N/mm2 to prevent peeling.

4.Special polymer additive required

To reduce and prevent cracks, a special polymer additive that is able to enhances the physical and performance properties of the cement materials is needed.

5.Strong technical knowledge of floor polishing.

Incorrect way of polishing will increase the chance of cracking. Some chemicals needed to prevent crack stain and scratches. In some cases, cracking, shrinkage, low strength and high porosity often happens because of concrete mix that is too stiff and dry.

Bonus tips

Furthermore, it is best to let the mix set in a cooler temperature. High temperature speeds the set time but lower temperature slows the hydration rate and gives strength development. After you have polished concrete installed, general cleaning will be important to keep the floor in the best condition possible for years to come.

For example, wiping spilled liquids immediately, clean routinely, use softer cleaning agents (Do not bleach or use ammonia vinegar or citrus cleaners) and ensure mop is free from debris to avoid scratches.

Even so, complicated aftercare problems will be easily solved by the right coating. Cement Ultra Top by Reflecto offers great benefit to you.

Cement Ultra Top provides lots of advantages for both short and long term, also features to match with users' usage and preferences.

Available in two colours, stain and stencil, Reflecto also lets you choose the finishing, Matt, Satin or Glossy.

Not only to beautify, Cement Ultra Top helps floor easy to clean. There is also the options of anti-stain and extreme anti-stain.

For more information and consultations, visit our website at reflecto.co.id or contuct us


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