Here’s a Bunch of Things You Probably Do Wrong in Caring for Your House.
Here’s a Bunch of Things You Probably Do Wrong in Caring for Your House.

We've all been there, relaxing in the rainy season, then suddenly, leaks happens. "Why so suddenly?" you ask, "It was fine and dandy for so long." Or is it? Perhaps you were doing something wrong all these times? It's only human, making mistakes that only manifested long after we forgot about it, especially about house chores.

These "sudden leaks" aren't actually "sudden" it's usually the result of many underlying factors that we usually missed, and accumulating damage over time. These hidden factors could also a result of our carelessness, stuff we ignore or did so shoddily that over time, it all just break down and you "suddenly" got a renovation coming.

We at reflecto are dedicated to keep your house at the top condition, and we're gonna help you with a checklist on stuff you've probably doing wrong all this time when you're caring for your house. By the end of this article, go ahead and do a full checkup to prevent things from going wrong!

Painting over wall cracks

All cracks, even the smallest one, has the potential to grow into big one, or at the very least, is capable of taking in water and other substances. These cracks are one of the biggest factors for leakage in your home, the best way to tackle this problem is to of course, patch em up and fill in the holes, but sometimes we neglect the small hairline cracks and just paint it over with a fresh paint. This, if neglected long enough, can cause massive damage.

Failing to waterproof your roof/ceilling

Your house first line of defense againts the elements are your roofs, taking the time to regularly maintain and applying waterproof coating to your roof can really helps you in the long run, and avoid any unpleasant meetings with raindrops inside your house.

Clogged waterways

The roof drainage system is arguably the most forgotten system we took for granted, but unfortunately, it's the most important. If your roof drainage system is clogged with trash, leaves, and other debris, it can cause critical damage from the accumulation of water on your roofs. Taking care of this system and performing regular maintenance can avoid having leaky roof.

These are some of the most glossed over aspect of house maintenance, knowing and subsequently, taking action towards these issues can save you time, efforts, and money in the long run. Reflecto are always here to help you with a wide range of house maintenance products to keep your house in the top condition.


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