Hardscape and Softscape That are Suitable for Your Garden Decor
Hardscape and Softscape That are Suitable for Your Garden Decor

a garden or some open green space at home added value to the aesthetics of the house and can also work as a place for relaxation. But has your home garden been decorated with the right type of pavement that adds value to the beauty of the house? Or is your garden just left empty as a green open space overgrown with grass?

Pavement in green spaces or parks is generally divided into hardscape and softscape. Hardscape in green space is a pavement element that is used to cover an area either completely or with a few openings / holes in the solid plane, consisting of paving blocks, wooden decks, gravel, stone slabs, bricks and others. Meanwhile, softscape is a soft element in a green space that falls into the category of living or biotic creatures, such as plants, grass, shrubs, trees and others.

In this article, lets find the types of hardscape and softscape that are suitable to decorate your home garden!

Types of hardscape :


the type of hardscape that does not eliminate the natural impression in the garden but adds a very strong natural impression, as wood materials are generally very suitable to be combined with natural elements such as plants, grass, rocks, or even fish ponds. But keep in mind that the type of wood used are different for outdoor and indoor, here are some choices of wood for outdoor use including ironwood, merbau, teak or maybe just consider using a synthetic wood deck. Don’t choose the wrong one!

Gravel and coral

these types of rocks are often used in the exterior as decorations on the edges of fish ponds, minimalist plant decorations, garden paths and others. In addition, the use of coral or pebbles in indoor areas is also often encountered, for example as decorative floors in areas cafes, decorative media for indoor plants and others. It’s no wonder that coral and pebbles are very admired, because apart from having a pretty aesthetic value, coral or pebbles don’t hinder the process of infiltrating water into the ground, so they are suitable for anywhere

Paving grass

if you have a large garden in the yard or behind your house, and want to provide a solid footprint so that it can be used for activities or maybe to be passed when it rains but don’t want to completely eliminate the green area then paving grass is a suitable choice! Paving grass is generally a pavement which is made of a concrete mixture with a hole in the middle as an area for planting grass, the pattern of grass paving is also diverse in the market, but keep in mind to keep the grass paving by watering regularly because there is grass media in between,

Large stone slabs

besides as decoration, generally large stone slabs are also arranged as a footing area for walking on grass, with stone slabs so users don’t have to worry about getting dirty or slippery, especially during rainy conditions. Types of stone slabs sold in the market also very diverse, so you can choose the pattern or motif that you like to decorate the garden

Types of softscape :

Softscape in the garden can be in the form of any plant including:

  • Bushes
  • Small to medium trees according to garden size such as Cycas, bonsai, frangipani, ornamental palms and many more,
  • Decorative plants such as cactus, Sansevieria, lavender, and many more.

So have you decided how to decorate your home garden today? Choose the type of hardscape and softscape that suits your needs and which are easy to maintain if you are a busy person!

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