Glass Roof in Tropic Country? The Pros and The Cons.
Glass Roof in Tropic Country? The Pros and The Cons.

In general, the houses that we encounter today mostly use the ceiling as a barrier between the interior of the house and the roof. But have you ever met the side of a house that connected from first floor to the roof without any obstructions so that we can visually enjoy the view of the sky from inside the house? This kind of roof is also known as a glass roof or skylight. Even though it is made of glass, there is no need to worry because the glass used laminated glass with high crack resitence. The use of this glass other than as the roof of the house, is generally also used in office buildings, malls or other tall buildings.

Glass roofs are usually installed on the sides of certain houses that can continue directly upwards and which according to the structure is strong enough to support. There are various reasons why glass roof is house owners favorite. Some of them are because it can make the house brighter, help make the room seem wider, allowed us to enjoy the sky during the night and more. Here are some other advantages and disadvantages of using a glass roof that you need to know.

The pros of glass roof:

  1. Maximize the natural daylight entrance to lighten up the interior.
  2. High Visibility
  3. Buffer the oustide noises from entering the home.
  4. Enjoy the view of the outside world from inside the home

The cons of glass roof:

  1. Complicated and long construction
  2. The cost of installation and maintenance is relatively high
  3. Make the house hotter during the summer

It is true that one of the disadvantage of having a glass roof is the heat absorption which leads to a higher room temperature, but this is nothing to worry about as there are lots of solutions for this issues, such as paying attention to the installation position, pay attention to the sun directions and many more. Or there is also another sollution for this such as using a glassfilm on the glass roof to reduce the heat absorption. With reflectofilm, your house can be more comfortable and cooler. As reflectofilm can reduce the UV and Infrared up to 99% so that residents of the house will be able to enjoy a bright and comfortable home from the hot weather.

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