Feng Shui. Planning Your House to Bring Good Luck!
Feng Shui. Planning Your House to Bring Good Luck!

Here are some basic tips of Feng Shui that you can apply in your (unbuild) house or if you are considering changing the layout of your house, this might be useful!

The door's direction.

The direction of the door of the house, especially the entrance that opens facing inwards, is believed to bring luck into your home. If the door happens to swing the other way, it's belive as a sign that we're letting fortune flow out of the house.

The bedroom.

During a house design, we should also consider the position of our bedroom. The bedroom should not be placed above the kitchen area, because it is believed to cause people who live in the bedroom to get sick very oftenly. Belive it or not, but it also is explained that the heat coming from the kitchen which transferred to the upper room is not good for health and can caused illness. As bedroom is a placed where we spend most of our time at when we are at home.

The stairs.

The direction of the stairs going down should not be facing out of the house, it believes to cause the fortune to fall out. So it's better to have the direction of the stairs going up from the middle of the house or the back of the house, so when you are about to go down then you will land in the middle or back of the house instead of the front side of the house.

The kitchens.

Kitchen placement should not be opposite the toilet, it is believed that the energy of the toilet will absorb the positive energy of the kitchen. Because kitchen is like a source of food, and toilet is like a place where we cleaned ourself from dirt. So if the positive source is being absorbed by the negative source, it means no good at all! The connecting door Doors are better placed when they are not facing each other. Especially the main doors or entrance door that is connected (facing each other's direction) directly to the backyard door. It is believed that this position causes positive energy that enters could easily exit through the back door. Hope all these tips are useful enough! And if you are serious about Fengshui and strongly believe in luck based on feng shui, you may consider hiring professionals as they can calculate Fengshui yin and yang based on birthdays and the resident zodiac.


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