Did You Know That High Rise Building has Different Types of Building Structures?
Did You Know That High Rise Building has Different Types of Building Structures?

As a city develops and advances, more and more buildings or skyscrapers are constructed, whether used as office buildings, apartment buildings, universities, hotels, mix-use buildings and so on. In Jakarta itself, according to rumah123 the number of skyscrapers in total are 414 high rise, and as of 2020 the tallest building (skyscraper) in Jakarta is held by Gama Tower with a height of 286 meters which is also the tallest building in Indonesia.

Then, have you ever wondered what the structure of a tall building is like? do they all have the same structural system? Is the taller the building the more diverse the structure is? The following is an explanation of the various structures used in tall buildings.

Braced frame structure

a structural frame that holds lateral loads, loading the diagonal trusses together to form a web or net with vertical columns acting as the main load support (chord)

Rigid frame structure

a frame that is commonly used in structure, there are vertical columns and horizontal beams that bind to each other to support the load, forming a square / rectangular frame

Wall frame system - dual system

a structure of walls and frames that interact horizontally, providing a stronger and more rigid system. Wall structures are generally solid vertically, from buttom to top, and usually is found around stairs (emergency), and elevator holes

Flat plate and flat slab structure system

is a slab structure that connects or sits directly on the column to support heavier loads and allow longer spans, without the use of beams.

Hybrid structural system

a combination of two or more basic structures, with a direct combinations or adopting different shapes on structure.

In general, the facades of a high-rise buildings mostly uses glass as material or so it called a curtain walls. The glass used is tempered glass with a certain thickness that is safe from wind and earthquake movements. Although the whole building is directly exposed to the hot sun, the method of installing curtain walls in tall buildings has several techniques or alternatives to overcome this. In dealing with excessive heat entering a building, it can also be overcome by external alternatives such as the installation of window films.

Choosing the right window film according to the needs is a necessary, it also has to be proven to reduce heat and reflect solar radiation. Just like Reflectofilm, a window films that has been proven to reduce heat and reflect UV and IR by up to 100% and help reduce electricity bills by up to 50%*


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