Choosing the Right Waterproof Coating for Your House
Choosing the Right Waterproof Coating for Your House

While global pandemic is still happening, staying at home is the best option to keep yourself from catching COVID-19. Not only for a place to rest, now you also need a comfortable working space at home. As you know, tropical countries like Indonesia get heavy rainfalls, especially at the start of the year. In fact, Indonesia is one of the top 10 countries with the most rainfall in the world, based on basicplanet.com.


Therefore, it will lead to flood and leaks. Walls without the right waterproof coating will humidify and weaken, thus breaking easily and supports the growth of termites and mould. Other than that, the moisture content of the wall has a direct impact on its thermal resistance. Not only through heavy rain, this might also be caused by pipe leakage.


Spotting leaks

In conclusion, the humid wall problem has a direct consequence on both energy consumption of the heating system and the health of the occupants.

Here’s how you can easily spot leaking in your house:

Air pockets on wall paint

Air bubbles beneath the wall and paint peeling is an obvious sign that your wall needs help.


If your area hasn’t experienced an extreme earthquake, then the wall cracks are most probably caused by leaking.


Walls with yellow stains are leaks that has been dried up. Those area are vulnerable for moulds, termites, and breaking.

Choosing the Right Waterproof Coating

Understand and choose the best waterproof coating

Choosing the right waterproof coating is also a problem. A lot of coatings are not effective nor long lasting enough to protect your house walls.

Leakfree, one of Reflecto’s mainstay product offers great satisfaction to their clients. Here's what Leakfree has that makes it a great waterproof coating:


1.Primer – Reflecto Nano Penetrating Classic Solvent

  • Fills the pores of concrete to fuse mechanically and chemically.
  • Double Water Proofing
  • Adhesion strength to concrete 3Nn/mm2

2.Body Coat – Reflecto Super Stretch 800%

  • Water base polyurethane Elasticity 800%
  • Anti UV waterponding


3. Top Coat – Ultra Violet Rejections (UVR)

  • Anti abrasive
  • Self Cleaning



Another type is Leakfree Pro, with heat resistance, which also creates huge impacts especially in tropical countries like Indonesia.

Heatproof coating surely makes rooms cooler and no waste on air conditioning since heat conductions through walls do make home feels stiflingly hot and uncomfortable, thus pumping up electricity bills.

Other benefits offered by Leakfree is the elasticity of the material, smooth texture, easy coloring and trouble-free application. Brush, roller, airless spray (two layer) are few of the options.

Water-based, aliphatic polyurethane (acrylate coating) is the reason why Leakfree is better.

For more information and consultations, visit our website at reflecto.co.id or online store at tokopedia, shopee, and bukalapak.


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