Be Cautious of Invisble Mold InYour House
Be Cautious of Invisble Mold InYour House

We all know, mold in the house can be a serious problem, because if it is left unchecked then it will easily spread to the other side and causes more serious damage that leads to hefty renovation bills. Maybe, if the mold appear in places or corner of the house that is visible to our sight, we can easily and much more faster in finding the core of the problem and fixing it. But how about an invisible mold that occurs in your ceilings or walls?

An invisible mold that grows in your house is much more damageable and can destroy your house silently. oh no! But no worries, there are a few things you can do to prevent this invisible mold from taking over your home sweet home and worst, your health. Aside from it affecting the house, mold can also cause health problems such as headaches, stuffy noses, coughs, and allergies. So in conclusion, we should get rid of them ASAP before they start making action and affecting everything.

What causes mold to grow?

Mold grows anywhere they want and is most active at a moist area. They are very often found in any room on your house that are warmth, very moisture and has bad ventilation, these conditions let the mold multiply easily and fast. Beside the environment condition, sometimes they also grows in their "source of food" such as paper, cardboard box, and wood.

How to identify invisible mold?

When the context is invisible mold, then how are we gonna know if they have already existed in our house? Well, one of the easiest ways is by smell. Usually, an area or room with mold problems has a different or musty odor in it. Apart from the smell, you can also start to check on visible spores, because underneath a spore it is often a big mold problem has actually occurred. Next, you can also check on any water damage, especially in a room that is close to the bathroom or to any water fixture. Or just by any chance, you felt that you or your house member get an allergic reaction as mentioned above so often, then you might want to do a thorough checking. And lastly, check on any physical damage on walls, ceiling, bubbled surface, soft spots, and cracks.

Actually, an invisible mold is not so invisible after all, they are just hidden from our sight. They often grow in places we don't go or look at every day like dark areas such as under cabinets, behind fridges, behind decorations, and many more places that we barely touch and only pass through. And here is why they are dangerous, as they grow undetected for a long time and by the time we discover them, they actually have become a severe problem and are in need of huge renovations.

How can i get rid of them for good?

  • Since they flourish in areas or rooms with high moisture, then the first thing you should do is to reduce the moisture in the area and keep the humidity balanced.
  • Clean the area or room with a high chance of mold routinely
  • Use air purrifier in a room with bad ventilation as alternative
  • If the area is closed or in contact with a wet area such as a bathroom or near any water fixture, then you could get an industrial dryer to keep the area out or just by doing a routine check to prevent any leak, if you spotted even only a tiny leak, then immediately fix it.
  • If you are so sure that the roof or your plumbing system is the main cause, then also do a routine check and fix it immediately.

Do remember to not carry out the renovations until the underlying problem is fixed, or else it will actually cost you twice the hard work and effort.

In addition, you can also treat and prevent mold from the exterior of the house with waterproofing paint, preventing leaks from seeping into the house and causing mold to grow. We also need to be smart in choosing waterproofing products, don't choose the one that is inexpensive at the beginning, but after a few months of usage, the layer of the waterproofing coat will usually crack and causes leaks to happen again which actually leads to more expensive action because you will end up repurchased and re-coat.

Choose and learn about the advantages of waterproofing paint products before purchasing them. Like the waterproofing paint from Reflecto which is available in 2 variants, namely leakfree and leakfree pro. Both are waterproofing paints that are able to prevent leakage for a minimum of 15 years with the use of a full bundle, have super stretch elasticity strength of up to 800%, and for leakfree pro itself, it has a heat-resistant feature as well, which help in reducing the hot temperature in the room.


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