A Powerful Tips to Deal With Leaks in The Rainy Season
A Powerful Tips to Deal With Leaks in The Rainy Season

The rainy season of the year is finally here again. For some of us, this might be good news and for some, it might be bad news especially for homeowners. Having trouble with leaks during the rainy season every year might be troublesome. Thinking about the way to fix the leaks and have to renovate it when it's pouring rain is quite frustrating and can be expensive. On other hand, a leaky roof is sometimes difficult to checked when it is not raining yet, the leaky spot can only be spotted when rainwater falls so heavily and continuously. Never underestimate leaks, small leaks in a short time can become big trouble. Rainwater that enters the house can cause many losses, such as the growth of fungi, moss, brittle ceilings, and many more unexpected losses. Usually, leaks that occur in the house will be very disturbing until the rain really stops. Here are some ways to deal with leaks.

Do a routine check.

A leaking spot is sometimes hard to tell, so a detailed routine check is a must especially during the rainy season

Make sure the roof is clean and free from caulking

Some roof that has gone through a couple of renovation usually has many caulked areas that have been covered by a waterproofing coating, this caulking area as time goes by could get eroded by water and could cause water to start entering the house. So always give more attention to the sealant or caulking area.

Check the waterways

One of the many reasons leaks occur is clogged drains. This causes water to stagnate and seep into the pores

Look out for damaged or displaced tile

Tile on the roof is used as an outer covering of the house, if by chance one or several parts are displaced then water can easily enter the ceiling structure and damaged it

A broken Membrane or flashing surface

membrane and flashing are components that are used to protect the house from heat,rain, and dust. If one of these membranes is damaged it can cause water to enter the house easily.

For more protection from leaks, mold, and mildew, you can check out the best waterproofing coating solution as the extra protection. Choosing the right waterproof coating is actually a task, before checking out any waterproofing products, it is best for us to understand the quality and result in a waterproofing coating can offer. A lot of coatings are not as effective as its announce nor long-lasting enough to protect your house.

But with leakfree, it is no doubt a product that could offer great satisfaction to you and your house from minimum of 15 years! Let us dive in more into the advantages and satisfaction leakfree can offer.

Primer - Nano penetrating technology, Fills up the pores of concrete with the adhesive strength of 2,8N/mm2

Body Coat - Water base polyurethane Elasticity up to 800%

Top Coat - Ultra Violet Rejections (UVR), anti scratch and self Cleaning

There is also another more advanced waterproofing product that Reflecto has. It is a leakfree PRO, with an extra feature to protect your home such as heat resistance, which surely makes rooms cooler and is proved to help in reducing electricity bills.

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