A Natural Stone Tabletop Makes Your Kitchen Looks More Luxurious, But How Do We Take Care of Them?
A Natural Stone Tabletop Makes Your Kitchen Looks More Luxurious, But How Do We Take Care of Them?

Entering an era like these days where all activities are often carried out in the house, many homeowners are thinking of remodeling or renovating their house in order to get a more comfortable home atmosphere, and one of the areas that is generally renovated is the kitchen area, as it is one of the most important areas in the house.

Talking about remodeling the kitchen area, it is often what comes to mind is the kitchen set area which may either be expanded or remodeled to be more functional and bright. Usually, the materials used in the kitchen set are varied. It can be a combination of processed wood such as multiplex with HPL finishing as a cabinet and ceramic material as a top-table and backsplash, or also a combination of stainless steel as a cabinet with HPL finishing top table and many more.

Besides those materials as mentioned above. Other materials such as natural stone are also often used in the kitchen area, either as a top-table, backsplash, or wall. In addition to having beautiful motifs, natural stone materials such as marble, granite, and others can also give a luxurious impression to the kitchen area.

But do keep in mind. For your kitchen top to always look luxurious and give a beautiful impression to the kitchen, you need to know how to clean and care for it properly. Because if you take care of it wrongly or not at all, then your natural stone's surface will be damaged, and in the end, your natural stone will not beautify your kitchen but instead spoil the view and beauty of your kitchen.

Natural stones such as marble, granite, and others used in home interiors are generally more sensitive and soft on the surface. This causes the surface to be easily scratched, and the absorption rate on the surface is higher. Therefore, when cleaning the surface of the natural stone, the proper methods and materials are needed.

Yes, cleaning and caring for a natural stone surface may indeed sound easy. But to treat the surfaces so that it is free from stubborn stains, especially if it is a kitchen top that is often exposed or in direct contact with cooking ingredients, it is usually quite complicated.

What are the things that need to be considered in the treatment of natural stone tables?

Now when wiping or cleaning natural stone kitchen countertops, make sure to use a non-damaging liquid or a cleaning liquid with a PH level that is specially formulated. Because if you use ordinary cleaning fluid, it will damage the surface. As quoted from Kompas.com "that household cleaners containing synthetic ingredients including pigments and solvents can damage natural stone's protective seals resulting in stains, scratches and a dull surface"

What ingredients and materials should natural stone countertops avoid?

Foods and drinks with high acid content should be kept away from natural stone countertops. Such as coffee, soda, tea, wine, orange juice, and or other juices. Because drinks like this can quickly penetrate the pores and will leave stains. In addition, the kitchen's cooking ingredients such as turmeric, soy sauce, and others that are quite stained should also be kept away or covered with a container so as not to imprint and leave stubborn stains on the surface of the natural stone table.

So what kind of cleaning products are suitable for my natural stone?

This is the part you've been waiting for!

For those of you who use natural stone at home, either as furniture finishing or as floors and walls, now you don't have to worry about stubborn stains anymore. Because a series of cleaning products from Reflecto is now available! They are called "The Spotless Family". Giving you more protection to your natural stone and can remove even the most stubborn stains.

What are the series of "The Spotless Family"?

Our Spotless Family consists of 3 types, such as:

Stain shield

a liquid coating that protects the surface of natural stone from stains and dirt by entering (filling) into the surface pores and making the surface hydrophobic (water repellent).

Floor care

an antiseptic liquid for floor daily cleaning. With a lavender scent that helps ward off mosquitoes.

Instant stain remover

an environmentally friendly cleaning spray formulated with a high pH solution, making the surface looks immaculate. Effectively removes stubborn stains such as oil, dirt, and dust with just a few sprays.

So, now that you know about our Spotless Family series, you can now be hassle-free while cleaning or maintaining your natural stone. As it is then our natural stone treatment products that will further protect your natural stone so that it remains durable, shining, and long-lasting.


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