5 Public Restroom Design Inspiration from Around the World
5 Public Restroom Design Inspiration from Around the World

Who has not felt the struggle and worries or probably anxiety while using the public bathroom, especially in Indonesia? The common stressful situation that each of us might be facing is the efficiency of public restrooms from their sanitary facilities, the privacy, and comfort. Regarding those concerns, here are some public restroom inspiration or precedents. And let us hope that it will soon be available or implemented in the existing public restroom.

Trail Restroom / Miro Rivera Architects

The first public restroom build in the park in over 30 years. Aside from the function as a restroom, it also conceived as a sculpture in a park. With corten steel plates as the main structure and also act as the walls of the bathroom.

Parque Urquiza Public Restroom / Diego Jobell

A public bathroom with a green rooftop, surrounded by nature and amazing river views. The concept of this restroom is sustainable and embraces nature around without disturbing the public daily activity. The material combination used as the restroom building materials are exposed concrete and translucent type of U-shaped glass called profilit while the toilet doors are made from galvanized sheet iron.

Public Toilets in the Tête d'Or Park / Jacky Suchail Architects

A basic form toilets, with wood planks and concrete as the main structure. Located in the middle of nature, the architect idea was to create an architectural configuration that embrace and stand together with the nature, not competing with the nature.

Wembley WC Pavilion / Gort Scott

This restroom is placed on the side of the pedestrian roadway, make this restroom also function as a pavilion in the area. With concrete as the base, and from above head height the structures become a shiny metal screen as the second layers and perforated metal sheets on the outside as the exterior layer which act as the ventilation for light and views.

Isemachi Public Toilet / Kubo Tsushima Architects

When it comes to minimalism, Japan is the master of it! Just like this public toilet located in the parking area. A toilet with a total area of 10m2 has one female and one male restroom. The exterior and interior, or to be precise, the whole building uses only white color except floor that uses exposed concrete. So what do you think of this selected public restrooms idea? Isn't it cool and gives out relaxing vibes while using the public restroom?


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