Keep Your House Cool With These Affordable Methods
Keep Your House Cool With These Affordable Methods

How have you and your house been doing on this rainy season so far? We are very sure that smart people like you must have protected your home from leaks days or even months back before the rainy season. In the few past articles, we had also share some tips on how to prevent leakage in the house and introduce you to Reflecto waterproofing system paint that will protect your home for a minimum of 15 years* from leaks, mold, and fungi. As we all know, living in a tropical country like Indonesia, we only encountered two-season throughout the year such as the rainy and hot dry season.

The legendary quote we all know once said, what comes after rain is a rainbow. But in a tropical country like ours, hot and humid are what comes next and most of the time, it can affect our productivity. So the question now is, have you prepared yourself and your home for the upcoming hot, dry, and humid season?

If you have not, here are some tips on how to prepare and protect your home from the destructive heat, with a low budget but high performance and long-lasting! Yes, we called them destructive because besides affecting our productivity, the UV and IR from the sun could also damage our buildings, furniture, and even skin. Simply follow these few tips and you may be worry-free from overheat while chilling or working in the home, or from excessive electricity bills due to the extra use of the air conditioner.

Passive cooling technic.

One of the natural methods to cools down the room temperature. It may be hard to achieve if the house was built, but it can be planned while thinking of doing renovations. This technic is used to provides a house with good natural air circulation. There are lots of passive design technic, and one of the most commonly used is "cross ventilations". A system that relies on natural air to force cool air from the outside to enter the building through an opening of the house and at the same time forces the hot / warm air from the inside of the house to exit from the other side of the opening, or so we called the exchange of air flow. But do keep in mind that this method only happens if your house has the cross-ventilation layout for air to go through without any blockage. Let's say if your house doesn't fulfill the criteria, then no worries, let's jump into the next tips!

Reduce the heat from entering.

The heat from the sun can enter the house through a couple of ways, and one of them is through the windows. It is often to meet homeowners that felt happy because the house is very bright during the day without any needs to turn on a light, but at the same time, they feel annoyed because suddenly the heat rises up. Well, this case happens because they have not use windows film on their windows or glass walls. If you happen to be facing the same problem, well we recommend you to use a windows film ASAP! We assure you, there are lots of advantages waiting ahead of you.

Just like the advantages that reflectofilm can offer, its is a windows film that has been proven to reduce heat, reflect solar radiation like UV and IR by up to 100%, and help reduce electricity bills by up to 50%.

Repelling the heat since the very begining.

What does this actually mean? well, in order to solve the "heat problems" we first have to prevent it from the main source itself, which is the sun. The heat from the sun was felt in the house because it was absorbed by the buildings through the roof, walls, and windows, which then released to the interior of the house. This will also worsen if the house has bad air circulations because the heat will be trapped inside for hours or throughout the day. But if we are one step ahead on preventing the heat to be absorbed by applying a heatproof system coat, then your home will stay cool and comfortable.

In reflecto, we also have leakfree pro -- a waterproofing and heatproofing system paint. Double protection for a minimum of 15 years for your home sweet home. Helps in repelling the heat from the sun and at the same time preventing cracks that causes leaks, with an additional features which is self cleaning


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