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waterproofing warranty.

leakfree waterproofing system bundle comes with a 'comfort card'.

We are confident in the quality of our products, we hope you will be too.

With every successful project after the next for the last 11 years, we want to take it one step further with a true promise of quality.


Every purchase of the leakfree waterproofing system bundle will be exclusively paired with a warranty for your utmost comfort.


Say goodbye to your worries with our comfort card.

Because you deserve the best.

a risk-free investment.

As a testament to the long lifetime of our leakfree waterproofing system bundle, we want to ease all your worries with our 5-year promise of quality. Just like how our products stand out from our competitors, so does our priority on comfort. With our 5-year comfort card, have another worry about rain anymore.

meet leakfree/leakfree pro bundle.

working together in unison to repel leaks.


  • acts as a powerful adhesive for leakfree/pro
  • Maximizes lifetime of leakfree/pro up to 15 years
  • Nano penetration technology to absorb through the membrane and permanently seal porous surfaces
  • Prevents peeling as a result of leaks


  • Waterproofing with up to 800% elasticity.
  • Stretches to prevent leaks from cracks.
  • Lasts up to 15 years (full system bundle).
  • Anti-mold and fungi.

leakfree pro.

All leakfree benefits, plus:

  • Reflects infrared light up to 100%
  • Maximum heat protection from the sun.
  • Reduces AC usage and electricity bills by 50%.


  • Maximizes lifetime of leakfree/pro up to 15 years
  • Self-cleaning features to prevent mold and fungi
  • Prevents damage caused by UV light
  • Anti-scratch features to prevent damage

topcoat pro.

All topcoat benefits, plus:

  • Repels infrared light up to 100%
  • Maximum heat protection from the sun


leakfree/leakfree pro bundle.


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