Cleaning as a Meditation Method
Cleaning as a Meditation Method

It's been two years since everything turned upside down for most of us, with everything that happened, the lockdown, the switch to remote work.

Even though the dust has settled and we're now used to the new conditions, good ol' stress is always there to haunt us after a long week of work. Unlike the good old days where we can get away from it all, we're now pretty much stuck staring at the same wall or watch the same 12 seasons of that one Netflix show, which leaves us with not a lot of variety these days.

Repetition in life can rapidly lead to exhaustion. Doing the same work every week is stressful, but doing it in the same house you do everything else can be mind-numbing. Perhaps we all need a little something to spice up our living space. Study shows that redecorating your living space can reduce stress and promotes creativity. After all, we're spending most of our lives inside our homes, and with the pandemic going on, surely we're going to spend a whole lot more, so why not spice it up a little and give it a fresh coat of paint!

Now, a redecorating project isn't always something huge or complex thing to overtake. Sometimes what you need now and then is just a new house plant, or maybe a new chair you've been dreaming of, or perhaps we only just need to re-arrange our furniture. It's the little things that keep us going, and if it helps, it couldn't hurt to try new things.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps you need a fresh new start, a radical change from the strenuous cycle of your daily life, a sort of spiritual revolt if you will. Such changes are bold, but it often leads to epiphany and satisfaction, something we truly need in this trying time.

That's why we at Reflecto got you covered. From protective coating to flooring, we got everything you need to start your adventures of redecorating. Our high-quality products and qualified staff will help you every step of the way on new and exciting projects that will surely bring your world to the next level.

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