Beautify Your Home With This Type of Glass
Beautify Your Home With This Type of Glass

Dream house with lots of glass and openings? Why not! But don’t get the wrong type of glass. There are various types of glass used in construction and housing, and usually the area of application is also different. Let’s discuss more about the types of glass that you can choose to beautify your home.

Have you ever walk into a room and spotted a “scattered colorful abstract rock” pattern on the floor or wall or maybe even on the tabletop? Some of you might have and are probably wondering what that pattern is called, well that is called the terrazzo pattern. Terrazzo pattern is regularly made up of mixing chips of marble, glass, or natural stone into a binding of usually cement mixture. In terrazzo, there are lots of variations in colors and the size of its pattern.

Clear glass

Most often used in housing. It has transparent, clean and flat surface properties. However, this glass does not have high crack resistance so it is not suitable for outdoor use, only suitable for use as indoor glass. Apart from being used for window, it is also usually used on furniture such as glass cabinets, wall furniture and others.

Frosted glass

Nontransparent glass and has a textures on it. Frosted glass is usually used in areas with high privacy, such as toilets and bathrooms. However, in some contexts, frosted glass can also be used on the windows of the house to maintain privacy in certain rooms and keep out the excessive sunlight in the room, the sunlight that enters through the frosted glass is more soft, yet still bright enough).

Tempered glass

is high resistance and considered strong against impact compared to ordinary glass. The shards of tempered glass are usually in the form of small blunt shards, compared to ordinary glass which has sharp shards. Tempered glass is also widely used as glass walls, shop glass doors as well as housing, bathroom partitions and others. Besides that, it is also widely used in high-rise buildings as a facade material. For interior uses, it is usually also used in the staircase area, escalators, transparent elevator walls, balconies, dining tables and others.

Stained glass

when visiting the churches or mosques we often meet colorful and patterned types of glass on the walls and windows. Well, glass like that is also known as stained glass, a glass with various motifs and colors. The way to create this stained glass required high skills, therefore we have to order the motifs and glass in advance before purchasing the stained glass.

Reflective glass

The type of glass that reflects the view from the outside, but see through from the inside. This type of glass provides a reflecting layer or coating on clear glass or colored glass. This glass is suitable for those of you who want more privacy in the house but still want to enjoy natural light in the house. Usually reflective glass is widely used for glass doors, or house windows.

So, those are some types of glass that you can choose for your home needs. If you are worried about the hot temperature in the house because you use too many windows at home, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because reflectofilm got you covered! the window film is always ready to block heat and is able to reject UV and IR up to 100% and your electricity bill will also be reduced by up to 50%. Contact us for more details about reflectofilm and we’ll help you choose!

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