Are You a Fan of Colorful Architecture?
Are You a Fan of Colorful Architecture?

Colorful means fun! but too colorful can sometimes be tacky. But when it comes to architecture design, colorful buildings or spaces can be aesthetically pleasing. So if you are a fan of colorful design, do check out a couple of designs below!

If you are a pink pastel-ish kind of person, then you might love this house design by Manoj Petel design studio. The house is called the colorful mosaic house, where the interior of the house features light coral pink walls on the entire stair area which also represents the main section of the house, and a little shades of yellow on the other wall and also on some furniture. Not just that, on the dining room itself, they have this light coral color mosaic accent that pops up on the wall.

Have you met any museums that are not only artistic on the inside but also on the outside? well, if you have not yet. You might want to check out Biomuseo by Gehry partners, it is a public outdoor atrium covered by colorful metal canopies. Not only a combination of two or three colors but more than 5 colors in total. As the museum is located away from the city's crowd and is surrounded by nature, it makes the building outstand itself in the area.

When we talk about facades of an office or a mix-use building, it is often to meet a facade design that is fully covered by composite panel cladding and transparent glass panels. But how about colorful glass panels covering the whole building? Take a look at insitute for sound and vision by Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk. A large euclidian cube with colorful glass panels that looks like an abstract watercolor solidified in the glass. This project is located in the Netherlands, and imagine yourself passing by this building, aren't you mesmerized by the beauty of it?

A colorful design comes not only from painting on the surface but can also comes from the lighting design itself. U-shaped colored glass panels were hung vertically to the facades of this civic parking garage by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & planners, makes these glass act also as a second skin. During the night, the light coming from the interior of the building radiates the glass panels giving the building a look like a lantern box in the middle of the city.

A public park, in general, might be identified with a green carpet, but have you ever met a colorful park? Besides adding fun to the users' activities, it also adds beauty to the landscape design in the area. Take a look at this park design by 100 architects, named as horseland. Following the name "horse" the design of this public space resembles the abstract geometry of horse when seen from an aerial point of view. It is a combination of different size colorful circle that creates a colorful landscape.

So what do you think of colorful architecture? Are you still a fan of them?

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